72 Hour Survival Kits – What You Need to Know!

Emergencies often occur during different times and without any prior knowledge. The possibility of preparedness to counter the emergency has often proven challenging across different scopes. Most of the emergency situations that occur at home, during excursions and other places are at a high possibility of being resolved within the sequential 72 hours.

72 Hour Survival Kit Items

Important Items to Include in a 72 Hour Survival Kit

Although this window may seem long, the actual activities carried out during this time determine the survival rate of the affected. To become better equipped to handle the situation, a comprehensive guide that includes a checklist to create a 72 hour emergency preparedness kit proves to be effective. However, before determining the items that are necessary in the 72 hour survival kits, people are asked to reflect on the risks that are likely to occur and the possible approaches to counteract the effects of such issues.

Important Items You Need

After understanding the nature of risks and vulnerability, it is important to identify a complete survival systems that comprises of various items organized based on the needs, the feasibility of instructions and design processes to enable survivability during emergency situations. As much as some items within the 72 hour survival kits may be available, people are advised to ensure that they are organized precisely to make them easy to find.

Basic Emergency Kits – The Essentials

The basic 72 hour emergency preparedness kit carries the essential facilities and elements that are required for sustainable survival. These items are the most important since they involve the basic needs and requirements.

  • Approximately two liters of water is recommended for each person in a day. The requirements identify packages of small bottles to enable easy carriage.
  • Foodstuffs that have a longer expiry date should be included in the 72 hour survival kits such as canned foods and dry foodstuffs as well as energy bars.
  • Small manual can opener to make access easy.
  • A flashlight comes in handy especially when maneuvering during the night and dark hour. Extra batteries should also be included in the 72 hour survival kit.
  • A first aid kit is important since it contains the basic medical supplies in case of physical damage or injury.
  • For infants and people with special needs, it is recommended to carry baby formula and prescription medication as well as portable assisted aid equipment.

Recommended Supplementary Items

Recommended items in the 72 hour survival kits are not compulsory for endurance but are needed to make the adaptability of the situation promising.

  • Sleeping bags for all family members in case the emergency situation is likely to last more than 72 hours.
  • Basic equipment such as pen knifes and wrenches to assist during technical challenges of adaptability.
  • Lighters, candles, and matches that will assist in lighting fires required to provide necessary warmth.

Additional Requirements

As much as the kit may be equipped to handle any emergency situations, it is important to understand that the 3 day bug out bags should be placed in accessible locations near the house exit to make accessible. It should also be easy to carry to enable movement during such sensitive situations. 72 hour survival kit personalization is important since it helps identify with the needs of each family member and consider their requirements while equipping it. Every kit should be equipped with an accessible emergency plan and contact information.



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