Family Emergency Survival Kit – 4-person, 72 hours

Family Emergency Survival Kit - 4-person, 72 hours With this four person family prep survival kit, you can plan for the best but be prepared for the worst. This kit is designed for a family of four people and comes with enough supply to help you survive for up to 72 hours. The kit is great to keep in your car, in your home and in your office. A mid-level survival kit for 4, this is the perfect survival kit for families getting started on their emergency preparedness. Kit Includes: Packs and Organization: Two (2) red backpacks, one (1) weatherproof zip bag emergency guide, one (1) emergency preparedness guidebook, one (1) pencil Weather Protection: Four (4) reflective sleeping bags/ bivy sacks, four (4) emergency ponchos, two (2) emergency tube tents, four (4) h and warmers Food and Water: Four (4) 3600 kcal Food Bars (US Coast Guard Approved), twenty-four (24) 4.2 oz Water Pouch (US Coast Guard Approved) Water Purification and Storage: Five (5) chlor floc military water purification packets, one (1) 1L folding water container Light and Communication: One (1) Rubber Flashlight (D Batteries included), one (1) AM/FM Radio (AAA Batteries included), four (4) light sticks First Aid: One (1) 118-piece first aid kit Hygiene and Sanitation: Four (4) toothbrushes, one (1) toothpaste, one (1) comb, one (1) razor, one (1) shampoo, one (1) soap bar, four (4) feminine pads, one (1) washcloth, one (1) toilet paper, one (1) small sewing kit Tools and Other Items: One (1) 5-in-1 survival whistle, one (1) roll of duct tape, one (1) pair of work gloves, one (1) playing cards, one (1) 5mm rope, one (1) multitool knife, one (1) GI can opener

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