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Coghlans Fire Disc

Coghlans Fire Discs are an ideal fuel source starting campfires or wood stoves. Made of cedar and highly refined wax, they are designed to light easily and to burn hot. Since most meals take less than 30 minutes to cook, they are a perfect solution as an emergency source of heat for cooking. Breaks apart […]

Coghlans 50-foot Black Paracord

This Coghlans 50-foot Black Paracord is the ultimate survival tool to take with you camping, hunting, hiking, or any similar outdoor activity. The Type III Commercial Grade 550 Cord features seven individual inner-core strands. The inner core strands not only serve to add strength, but sections of the core can be used for sewing thread, […]

Coghlans Emergency Tinder Kit

A safe sure emergency fire starting kit that starts fires without matches. The Tinder will light even when wet and is non-toxic and odorless. Each piece burns 5-7 minutes. Contains: 8 pieces of waterproof tinder, 1 waterproof flint match. Weight: 2 oz. (60 g)

Coghlan’s .26-gallon Leather Bota Bag

The traditional Spanish wine skin with a rugged leather exterior, heavy poly lining and braided shoulder strap. Traditional Spanish wine skin Capacity: 0.26 gallons BPA Free Brand: Coghlan’s Model: 8950 Materials: Leather Color: Brown Dimensions: 14.75 inches long x 8.02 inches wide x 1.25 inches high Weight: 0.4 pounds

Coghlan’s 14-inch x 30-inch Stuff Bag

This 14 inch by 30 inch water repellent stuff sack is acrylic-coated with 210 denier nylon. It features a hemmed storm flap and sewn-in drawstring closure with a round bottom. Water repellent round bottom maximizes storage space Features a sewn in drawstring with a cordlock closure Size: 14 inches in diameter x 30 inches long […]

Coghlan’s Airstop Liquid Vinyl Repair

Don’t let a small hole force you to buy a whole new inflatable. Use Coghlan’s Airstop Liquid Repair to create a permanent patch in minutes. Have Coghlan’s Airstop Liquid Repair on hand for a quick repair of your vinyl inflatables. Ideal for air mattresses Creates a permenant seal No separate patches needed Brand: Coghlan’s Set […]

Coghlan’s Folding Compact Saw

The Coghlan’s rugged folding saw has an anodized aluminum frame and is capable of holding extra blades. It measures a standard 21 inches. A wood or meat cutting blade can be added for versatile use. The safe and compact saw weighs only 16 ounces. Holds extra blades Interchangeable with other blades Safe and compact Brand: […]