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Camping Wilderness Signal Whistle

Don’t go camping without this wilderness whistle from Coghlan’s. Useful for rounding up members of your group, this nickel-plated whistle could also be a literal lifesaver if you ever get lost. This whistle also includes a lanyard. Details: Nickel-plated Includes lanyard Loud and effective Useful for emergencies

Coghlans Adhesive Signal Light Red

Coghlan’s Adhesive Signal Light. Red (1470) Coghlans Adhesive Signal Lights are the perfect solution for go anywhere lighting. Ideal for packs, tents, trail marking and emergency day/night signalling. Perfect for hunters, campers, and hikers who want a powerful and rugged light source that can replace bulky chemical lightsticks. Completely submersible and dustproof, the hermetically sealed […]