Top 10 Survival & Emergency Preparedness Resources for May – Link Roundup

We are always looking for high-quality information that we can pass on to our readers. For the month of May, there has been no shortage of content for us to share. We believe in emergency preparedness and survival strategies, and the information we found for this month’s Link Roundup is information we believe you’ll find incredibly valuable when putting together your own 72-hour emergency survival kit or grab and go bag.


1. 72 Hour Survival Kit for Under $11

72 Hour Survival Kit for Under $11

This awesome post details how you can put together a 72-hour emergency survival kit consisting of food and a number of non-food items for less than $11. Remarkably, only one item on the list costs more than a dollar. Everything was purchased at local stores, too.


2. Three Layers of 72-Hour Preparedness

Three Layers of 72 Hour Preparedness

The first 72 hours of a serious emergency are often the most critical. This post lays out what is most likely to occur during that time and offers three layers of preparedness that, if followed, will get you through.


3. 36 Lessons Learned from Testing a 72-Hour Kit

36 Lessons Learned From Testing a 72-Hour Kit

You might not think there’s anything to learn from testing a 72-hour survival kit, but there is. In this post, the Survival Mom laid out 36 lessons learned. Some of them may surprise you.


4. The Ultimate Guide to 72-Hour Kits

The Ultimate Guide to 72-hour Kits

Who doesn’t love a good 72-hour survival kit? Only those who don’t pay a lot of attention to emergency preparedness. That’s not the case with this post. Not only does it talk about how to build a 72-hour kit but it also references real-life stories illustrating why emergency preparedness is so important.


5. 7 Top Items to Always Have in Your 72-Hour Kit

7 Top Items to Always Have in Your 72 Hour Kit

Double the Batch takes the time in this post to explain the most important items to put in a 72-hour kit. What we love about this post is that it puts things in simple, everyday terms that virtually anyone can relate to. It also offers a unique insight into how mothers think in planning for their families.


6. 72-Hour Emergency Kits

72-Hour Emergency Kits

This post covers some familiar ground like including food and medicine in your 72-hour emergency kit. But it also covers ground that a lot of others don’t. For example, would you have thought to create an emergency binder containing important documents you might need after fleeing your house?


7. Create a 72-Hour Emergency Kit – FREE DOWNLOADABLE CHECKLIST

Create a 72 Hour Emergency Kit – FREE DOWNLOADBLE CHECKLIST

If you are the kind of person who thrives on a checklist, this is a post for you. It not only goes through some of the most common items to put in a 72-hour kit, but it also has been converted by the author into a free checklist you can download and print. The checklist is one of the most extensive we have seen.


8. Survival (Bug Out) Bag 72-Hour Check List for A Frugal Family

Survival (Bug Out) Bag 72 Hour Check List For A Frugal Family

Experienced survivalists know that the term ‘bug out’ implies something a bit more serious than your average local emergency. In this post, you will read a ton of information about creating a 72-hour bug-out bag without spending a fortune. The post contains literally dozens of links to other pieces of helpful information.


9. Building a Survival kit

Building a Survival kit

Lastly, this post on building a survival kit takes a very pragmatic approach to something a lot of people are afraid of. It is thorough yet easy-to-understand. This is a great post for those just starting to think about emergency preparedness.


10. Creating a Grab and Go 72 Hour Kit

Creating a Grab and Go 72 Hour Kit

Here is a blog post that talks about putting together a 72-hour Grab and Go kit on a budget; a kit that includes more than just food and water. They discuss iteas such as cash, rain ponchos, emergency blanket, flashlights, medications and more.

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